Our Stakeholders-management & Internal & external Matrix management proves essential for a succesful transition & change


Based on in dept knowledge of (information, industrial technological and organizational processes,) and experience in, we acknowledge that;
1. In a company or conglomerate, “the way we do it here”, is company specific and identifies a company in the market.
2. We realize, that “the way we do it here” is a combination of, over long time developed organizational attitudes, a the mix of past experience, moral values and a shifting stakeholders equilibrium, or status quo.
3. We also realize that the affeore mentioned forces, shield & stabilise organizational from disturbances.
Every assignment starts with our Stakeholders management analyses, which includes a Internal & external Matrix analysis. The depth of the analysis is determined by the complexity and competitiveness of the internal and external environment.

This results in:

  1. Analysis
  2. Required additional conditions and resources
  3. Project plan
    1. IT, technological, structural and administrative change plan
    2. Stakeholdersmanagent transition plan
    3. Internal & external matrix transition plan
    4. Investment
  4. Go, no go




Stakeholders transition focuses on the transition of transition-requirements into practical concepts, solutions and attitude.

It coordinates the communication between IT/technological/structural transition and communication with stakeholders. This expertise is assigned to Blokker


The IT/technological and structural requirements, focuses on the transition organizational requirements and solutions into IT infrastructure, gathering and processing of data, procedures and reporting




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