Ervaring RBB

Based on our indept knowledge of,  and experience in (information, industrial technological and organizational processes)  , we acknowledge that;
1. In a company or conglomerate, “the way we do it here”, is company specific and identifies a company in the market.
2. We realize, that “the way we do it here” is a combination of, over long time developed organizational attitudes, a the mix of past experience, moral values and a shifting stakeholders equilibrium, or status quo.

This in depth knowledge and knowhow of the transition projects, is developed over the past 30 years: in the following Industries:

IT implementation of new / additional project standards to improve succes rate of succesful IT implementations, based on our Stakeholdersanalyses of past failed projects.
IT: Planning & Cost-controle

implementation of risks management (ALM), Embedded Value Analysis, IPO valuation reporting.
IT: Planning & Cost-control

Marktet development: greenfield introduction of Swiss Automatic parking technology

Transitions ERP and date transitions and change, including reverse logistics, service & repair with item-swap and forward-swap
Implementation of infrastructure for supply chain of fresh fruit to emerging retail chains in India

Planning & cost-controle, Business Intelligence (data gathering) & Business intelligence-reporting, Implementation of quality monitoring systems (30 factories EU wide) for tracking and tracing
Greenfield implementation of state of the art  metal finishing equipment (Automation and robotizing incl paint and welding robots in a strait
ERP/SAP implementations and transitions and the change management

Coaching en training.
In the past 30 years wij developed a great number of programmes, including training that are available not only in-company but also as open traingprogrammes. An actual programme for our open-training programs you wil find under training.