Training / Coaching.

Training “The Question behind the Question”
In Spring and Autumn, this strategic training “Question behind the question” for senior consultants, senior accountmanagers and senior experts is organized in English, German (die Frage hinter der Frage) and Dutch (De vraag achter de vraag).
Interview: An intake interview with the participants is scheduled for the beginning of September and the beginning of March prior to the training program.

Training/coaching “New School Projectmanagement” 
Training/coaching New School Project management and transfer of knowhow, however can only be provided in real life context. Because not many enterprises are already organized as organizations of professionals it is necessary that a Cultural Change Analysis is made prior to the first implementation of New School Project Management.

Training/coaching  “Cultural Change Analysis
A program in Cultural Change Analysis for Senior Consultants, Change Managers and Interim managers is organized in a controlled setting.  This will be a mix between technical training in motivational interviewing, on the one hand and coaching in real life setting and in pattern analysis on the other.